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13 Year Old Dies Due to Oxycontin Overdose

Tragedy struck Jenny Bethel’s home earlier this week. When she went into her 13 year old son, Alex’s room to wake him up for school, she found him dead. Alex Aiken died at the age of 13 due to an Oxycontin overdose. Friends believe that Alex tried the drug for the first time because of peer pressure.

Oxycontin addiction has the power to take a person’s life after just one use, as is the case with Alex. Studies show that children believe prescription pill are much safer than drugs like heroin. This common misconception is what may have led Alex to taking the Oxycontin that killed him.

The only real way to handle an Oxycontin addiction is to enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab. Narconon Louisiana is a long-term, inpatient facility that focuses on bringing the addict back to his true personality, the person they were before drugs and alcohol entered into the picture.

Doctor Shoppers Getting A Reality Check

Oxycontin addicts have notoriously been known for employing unique ways in order to obtain their Oxycontin. However some may want to think twice before doing what is known as “doctor shopping”

“Doctor shopping” is when an  Oxycontin addict will go through and find several different doctors. Each doctor will be asked for a prescription for Oxycontin, if it is not obtained the addict will simply move on to the next doctor until they get what they want. This is very illegal and law enforcement is starting to crack down on this method of getting drugs.

Oxycontin Abuse Causes People To Resort To Violence

Oxycontin abuse is growing and it’s causing addicts to resort to some dangerous measures in order to obtain the powerful opiate. In Seattle, police are searching for a man who has robbed twn pharmacies in four months. Each time the robber demands Oxycontin.

Oxycontin abuse needs to be handled with effective drug rehab. In the case of the robber in Seattle, had he enrolled in a drug rehab like Narconon Louisiana, officials would not be searching for him and would not have put out a $100,000.00 reward for any information about his whereabouts.

Narconon Louisiana is a long-term rehab facility that focuses on allowing an individual to live free from the addiction that is killing them. Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease, instead they work one on one with a client to find out what problems drugs were a solution for. Once those problems are isolated and handled, addicts and shed their addiction and move on with their life.

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