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OxyContin Abuse Would Decrease with Better Communication Between Doctor and Pharmacist

In an era where veterinary students receive four times more training than medical students on the effects and potential liabilities of prescription painkillers, we are seeing a vast rise in the incidence of OxyContin abuse.

OxyContin addicts are known to repeatedly go to their doctor complaining of severe pain in order to get their prescription for “Oxy” upped again and again.

OxyContin is the most commonly abused of the oxycodone drugs because its time release format causes it to contain much more OxyContin than other drugs such as Percocet. As a matter of fact, three OxyContin pills can have the same street value as over one hundred Percocets.

While there have been many cases on record of corrupt medical professionals operating pain clinics that were nothing more than “pill mills” pushing drugs to anyone who wanted them, it is also true that many people are able to abuse OxyContin because their doctors are not informed. They are not trained to be able to spot patterns of abuse, and often are not in good communication with the pharmacist.

In a recent inquiry into OxyContin related deaths, it was found through testimony both by doctors and pharmacists that their professional relationships were often strained or “antagonistic”. While the pharmacist may have the knowledge base to identify a potential prescription drug abuser, he or she does not communicate with the doctor. Likewise, the doctor often does not communicate his suspicions to the pharmacist. Instead of working together as a team to do what’s best for the patient, the modern doctor and pharmacist are distant from one another and sometimes even at odds.

If communication improved between doctors and pharmacists, we would be step closer to preventing OxyContin abuse.

Courts Settle on Price of Addiction

Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, is set to pay out $16 million dollars to plaintiffs who took the corporation to court for fraudulently obtaining customers.

OxyContin is a powerful opiate designed to eliminate pain for those suffering from diseases like cancer or for those who have chronic pain stemming from injuries. Unfortunately, due to the addictive nature of the pill, users are unable to stop taking the medication and end up with a deadly addiction.

OxyContin abuse, regardless of the initial intent, requires long-term, inpatient treatment. If you or anyone you know is in need of help for this addiction please contact a drug rehab immediately.

OxyContin Abuse Getting Worse

Despite new laws restricting the amount of prescriptions for pain killers, or monitoring prescription purchases, OxyContin continues to be abuse by tens of thousands of people in the United States. In fact, this epidemic of OxyContin addiction is getting worse.

In order to navigate around these new, harsher laws, addicts have resorted to robbing pharmacies, purposefully injuring themselves, or stealing the drugs or prescriptions from the elderly and/or cancer patients. So, while these laws may be discouraging new OxyContin addicts, they are not addressing those currently addicts to the drug.

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Alternative Pain Treatment Cuts Down OxyContin Abuse

Alternative Pain Treatment Cuts Down OxyContin Abuse

Four out of ten Americans use alternative medicine and therapy – including natural products and breathing exercises – a figure that plays predominantly in any hope that America has to reduce its population’s dependence on prescriptions to deal with pain.

While doctors prescribe painkillers to help their patients overcome often unbearable symptoms, the “cure” is often worse than the disease. Prolonged use of OxyContin and other painkillers leads to addiction. And as any Oxy addict will tell you, addiction can be far worse than the pain that they started with.

Many people who are seeking natural solutions for pain are on the right track to prevent themselves from developing a serious problem.

OxyContin rehabs are often hard pressed to deal with the problem. For many addicts, Oxy is as hard to kick as heroin. There is a reason for this: Oxy is an opioid – meaning that it mimics opiates such as morphine, heroin, and methadone. And many OxyContin abusers finally turn to heroin when their budgets can no longer support their prescription drug habit.

For Oxy rehabs to be effective, they have to take the problem of prescription drug abuse seriously. The truth is that the potency of modern prescription drugs can make them harder to quit than their street drug counterparts. Rehabs that treat both the physical and mental sides to addiction have the best chance to help an OxyContin addict to recover.

It’s a common story: from a single painkiller prescription to addict for life. That story doesn’t have to be the tale of your loved one. Intervention is possible. If you need help to save your loved one’s life, call our hotline at 1-877-340-3602. Our Oxycontin drug rehab has successfully gotten some of the toughest cases back on track and sober for life.

You may have been dealing this situation for years. It may have come to a head many times already. With the right help, you can succeed to finally bring your loved one back to sobriety. OxyContin abuse does not have to be a fact of life.

Maine Family Busted Running OxyContin Sales Ring

A family drug ring in Belfast, Maine was recently broken up by local authorities after a six-month long investigation of prescription drug trafficking.

Police stated that the drug selling group, which consisted of six people including a Maine resident and his three adult sons, pawned off OxyContin, Adderrall, and morphine.

The apparent ringleader, David Pattershall (64 years old) faces ten years in prison and fines up to $20,000.

The abuse of OxyContin and other opioids continues to be a problem as more and more people become hooked to this highly addictive substance either through drug dealers or more legitimate means. There are reports of many Maine residents getting hooked to the painkillers from a prescription and then not being able to quit them.

Unfortunately, abuse of OxyContin leads to addiction to other, harder drugs. For example, many heroin users were first introduced to the drug after seeking a similar, cheaper high to OxyContin.

Opioids such as OxyContin are prescribed for their powerful painkilling properties. Abused, they produce a high not too different from heroin. Prescription drug abuse is on a sharp rise in America. Only marijuana is more frequently abused. The common misconception is that prescription drugs such as OxyContin are safer than street drugs because they come from a doctor or pharmacy. In truth, no drug is safe unless it’s used exactly as prescribed by the person it’s prescribed to. As a matter of fact, there are many street drugs that had their origins in the pharmacy.

Obama administration wants tougher OxyContin prescription regulations


According to an article appearing in the New York Times, if the Obama administration has its way, then doctors will need to receive special training before they’re allowed to prescribe OxyContin and other powerful painkiller opioids. This measure is the most aggressive of all actions suggested thus far in an effort to curb broadscale painkiller abuse and addiction in the United States.

The doctors need the training in order to help them identify potential prescription abusers who are merely faking pain in order to get the pills. While many people (particularly those with pharmaceutical industry ties) raise objections to these proposed regulations, it can’t be denied that careless prescriptions are at least partially at the root of the current prescription drug abuse epidemic.

If doctors have to undergo training before they can prescribe these highly addictive substances, then maybe they’ll think twice before issuing a prescription to a dubious client. Of course, other laws and regulations need to go in place as well to back this up – such as a shared medical record database that prevents patients from “doctor-shopping” until they find a doctor careless enough (or corrupt enough) to give them an unwarranted prescription.

OxyContin has become the gateway drug a heroin. An opioid (which means it mimics opiates in its effects), it has come to be abused on the streets much in the same way heroin is abused. But since heroin is much cheaper than OxyContin, many OxyContin users who have developed a tolerance to the drug turn to heroin for a cheaper high.

The Difference Between Prescription Drugs and Street Drugs

The difference between prescription drugs and street drugs is that prescription drugs are given by prescription from a doctor whereas street drugs are sold by dealers on the streets.

There is no real difference, fundamentally, between the drugs falling under these two labels. Actually, there is a blending even across that line, because drugs that you’re only supposed to be able to obtain with a prescription are still available from drug dealers, and drugs that commonly sold on the street are often available as well by prescription, depending on what state that you live in.

Every drug is different in terms of its properties, its potency and its psychoactive effects. Any drug can be abused. Any drug can cause overdose and death. Almost any psychoactive drug can result in addiction and dependency.

Most drugs, whether they’re prescription drugs or street drugs, if they have a mental effect, will cause withdrawal. No drug is safe unless used in the exact dosage prescribed by a doctor by the exact person it was prescribed to.

Prescription drug abuse is a widespread epidemic, just like street drug abuse. Many street drugs were originally prescription medications. MDMA, also known as ecstasy, was developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck. Heroin was developed by Bayer. Valium and morphine and LSD, as well as cocaine, were all promoted by the medical community at one time or another.

You could say that prescription drugs follow the pattern of being advertised as a wonder drug, and then harming too many people, and then being banned and only available from drug dealers.

A cynic could say that pharmacies sell the new drugs and that drug dealers sell the “old hat” drugs. There are many medications that do help people. The potential for abuse, however, can’t be overlooked.


OxyContin and Other Prescription Drug Abuse in Florida

Florida has received national scrutiny recently about its laws designed to prevent prescription drug abuse.

Florida has some of the most lax laws in the United States with regards to the operation of “pill mills”. In a “pill mill”, an unscrupulous pharmacist fills prescriptions in such a way that drug dealers can purchase massive quantities of prescription drugs and then smuggle them across the border.

They do this using dubious prescriptions that are obviously being faked or forged for the purpose of drug abuse. Pill mills are so prevalent in Florida, centered particularly around the Miami, Orlando and Tampa Bay areas, that governors from other states have requested that Florida’s governor and legislature do something effective now to end the abuse.

Federal authorities report that the source point of much illegal prescription drug trafficking in the U.S. is Florida.

Prescription drug abuse is one of the fastest growing types of substance abuse. Part of the reason for this is that prescription drugs such as OxyContin are so broadly available. What is more, popular public misconception that prescription drugs are somehow safe even when abused contributes to both youth and adult consumption of prescription drugs to get high.

The prescription drug abuse problem is not just in Florida. Drug abuse rehabs that focus on prescription drug abuse are cropping up in Florida and in other states.

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Oxycontin Thieves Getting Desperate

For the last several months there have been hundreds of pharmacy robberies across the U.S.. Thieves demanding large amounts of Oxycontin have come bearing everything from threatening notes to handguns in order to obtain the heavy narcotics.

Oxycontin addiction is similar to heroin addiction in that they’re both opiates and both have extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms from Oxycontin include; vomiting, body aches, insomnia, depression, anxiety and severe cravings.

Pain Clinics Are The New Oxycontin Dealers

While we all hear about the growing number of Oxycontin addicts, you are bound to hear about the pain clinics that are supplying this potentially lethal narcotic. Interestingly enough, pain clinics are not regulated the same way as hospitals, also many of them are privately owned. This allows for pain clinics to focus on the financial gains they will reap for doling out hundreds of prescriptions for Oxycontin. Often times patients do not even have to prove that they are sick or in substantial pain before being prescribed drugs.

Oxycontin abuse is extremely dangerous and often leads to the abuse of other, more harmful drugs like heroin. The only real way to handle an Oxycontin addiction is to enroll in a drug rehab. This is where addicts are able to learn how to live their life without resorting to drugs and/or alcohol. One rehab, in particular, Narconon Louisiana has a 76% success rate when it comes to handling addiction.

If you or anyone you know is in need of help for a substance abuse problem please call Narconon Louisiana at 866-422-4650 for more information.

Oxycontin Abuse Common In The NFL

After recent reports of Oxycontin abuse surfaced regarding the New Orleans Saints, more and more people are coming out of the wood works claiming that Oxycontin abuse is very common in the NFL. In fact, one former NFL player insists that overtime fans hear about a player checking into rehab for an alcohol problem, more times than not it is really because they are abusing Oxycontin.

So now we can add NFL stars to a growing list of professions that become addicted to Oxycontin. And at some point maybe we will realize that Oxycontin addiction does not discriminate, anyone can become an addict and anyone can be affected by the evils the drug brings along.

Reward For Oxycontin Thief

In an attempt to curb the rising number of pharmacy robberies, Purdue Pharma has donated $1,000 to crime stoppers to put toward a reward for the capture of an Oregon man suspected of robbing pharmacies for Oxycontin. Purdue Pharma, the maker of this powerful narcotic has come under a lot of heat for knowingly marketing the highly addictive drug. As the number of Oxycontin robberies increase some wonder if this gesture is too little, too late.

Because Oxycontin requires a prescription, addicts have resorted to holding up pharmacies in an attempt to obtain the drug. It is clear that the only thing that is going to handle this growing problem is rehabilitation.

Narconon Louisiana is a long-term, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab that handles Oxycontin addiction effectively. This is evident in their 76% success rate for permanent recovery.

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New Legislation Will Prevent Addicts From “Doctor Shopping”

New Legislation Will Prevent Addicts From “Doctor Shopping

While it is widely known that a person with an Oxycontin addiction employs the method of “doctor shopping” in order to obtain their drugs, state officials al over the country are working hard to prevent this from being possible. New legislation is being passed all over the United States that would require the names of any patients being prescribed oxycontin to be entered into a national registry. This would allows doctors to see if a person has more than prescription out there, and prevent addicts from tricking, or pretending they need the drug in the first place.

An OxyContin addiction is best treated in a drug and alcohol rehab. One such rehab, Narconon Louisiana, has developed a unique program, which boasts a 76% success rate for permanent recovery. One of the main reasons for this is because Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease. Instead, clients work one on one with a counselor to figure out what problems drugs and alcohol were a solution for. Once that problem is isolated and handled, clients no longer feel the need to resort to drugs in the first place.

Cory Haim Obtained OxyContin Illegally.

In the last few days there have been several reports indicating that Cory Haim had an oxycontin addiction. This is substantiated by several pill bottles that bore the actors name that were obtained illegally. One pill bottle was a prescription for Oxycontin that investigators have traced back to a stolen prescription pad.

If this is true then Cory Haim will join the likes of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith on the list of celebrities that have died because of their addiction to prescription medications.

While the world is struggling to come to grips with addiction, and reeling from the Oxycontin epidemic, the only real solution is long-term, inpatient rehabilitation. Addicts are given the opportunity to take control of their lives, control that they have given up to drugs and alcohol.

Murderer Has Been Spotted In Pharmacy Hold Up

James Fryberg, who is accused of killing a 15 month old boy has now added robber and drug addict to his long list of crimes. Most recently he was spotted holding up a pharmacy, demanding the powerful painkiller, Oxycontin.

Oxycontin abuse has been known to lead people to do desperate things in search of the drug that has been likened to heroin. The most common reason for this is because of the withdrawal symptoms. Oxycontin addicts will experience nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, irritability, and body aches when trying to come off of this drug.

For most the only real solution to Oxycontin abuse is to enroll in an effective drug and alcohol rehab. Narconon Louisiana is one rehab that has been dealing with this kind of addiction for several years. Unlike most rehabs, Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease. Instead, clients work one on one with a counselor to figure out what problems drugs were a solution for. Once that problem is isolated and handled they no longer feel the need to take the very thing that is killing them.

Theft of Oxycontin Killed 13-Year-Old Boy

Earlier this year the media was flooded with reports about a 13-year-old boy, Alex Aiken. Alex died of an Oxycontin overdose in Indiana.

Investigators have pinpointed the source of the Oxycontin. A 14-year-old girl stole the narcotic from a relative and gave it to Alex and his friend. Officials have arrested the girl and have placed the friend in juvenile hall.

This is a lesson for us all. Prescriptions, especially Oxycontin, need to be locked up or disposed of after they are no longer needed.

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13 Year Old Dies Due to Oxycontin Overdose

Tragedy struck Jenny Bethel’s home earlier this week. When she went into her 13 year old son, Alex’s room to wake him up for school, she found him dead. Alex Aiken died at the age of 13 due to an Oxycontin overdose. Friends believe that Alex tried the drug for the first time because of peer pressure.

Oxycontin addiction has the power to take a person’s life after just one use, as is the case with Alex. Studies show that children believe prescription pill are much safer than drugs like heroin. This common misconception is what may have led Alex to taking the Oxycontin that killed him.

The only real way to handle an Oxycontin addiction is to enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab. Narconon Louisiana is a long-term, inpatient facility that focuses on bringing the addict back to his true personality, the person they were before drugs and alcohol entered into the picture.

Doctor Shoppers Getting A Reality Check

Oxycontin addicts have notoriously been known for employing unique ways in order to obtain their Oxycontin. However some may want to think twice before doing what is known as “doctor shopping”

“Doctor shopping” is when an  Oxycontin addict will go through and find several different doctors. Each doctor will be asked for a prescription for Oxycontin, if it is not obtained the addict will simply move on to the next doctor until they get what they want. This is very illegal and law enforcement is starting to crack down on this method of getting drugs.

Oxycontin Abuse Causes People To Resort To Violence

Oxycontin abuse is growing and it’s causing addicts to resort to some dangerous measures in order to obtain the powerful opiate. In Seattle, police are searching for a man who has robbed twn pharmacies in four months. Each time the robber demands Oxycontin.

Oxycontin abuse needs to be handled with effective drug rehab. In the case of the robber in Seattle, had he enrolled in a drug rehab like Narconon Louisiana, officials would not be searching for him and would not have put out a $100,000.00 reward for any information about his whereabouts.

Narconon Louisiana is a long-term rehab facility that focuses on allowing an individual to live free from the addiction that is killing them. Narconon Louisiana does not subscribe to the idea that addiction is a disease, instead they work one on one with a client to find out what problems drugs were a solution for. Once those problems are isolated and handled, addicts and shed their addiction and move on with their life.

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Common Misconception With Oxycontin Addicts

Common Misconception With Oxycontin Addicts

Most people get started with Oxycontin, or other prescription pain killers, not knowing the severe side effects and how highly addictive they are. However, those that intentionally seek out Oxycontin to get high do so because they believe that it is safer than street drugs, like heroin.

That misconception is what has led hundreds of thousands of people to have an Oxycontin addiction. Oxycontin has severe withdrawal symptoms like; sleeplessness, nausea, vomiting, body aches, head aches and flu like symptoms. Withdrawals from this drug can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

The only safe way to come off this powerful pain killer is to enroll in a drug and alcohol rehab. In addition to the powerful cravings one can have towards Oxycontin, an effective rehab will help the person figure out why they started abusing drugs in the first place.

Doctor Gets 20 Years After Illegally Dispensing Oxycontin

Perry Reese III was convicted on two counts of distribution of a controlled substance and one count of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) act after investigators caught him distributing large amounts of Oxycontin.

Reese, 51, owned an urgent care center in Sampson County, North Carolina. In 2002 a former client of Reese’s contacted the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and explained that Reese had allowed the man to purchase Oxycontin from him. At one point, under Reese’s watch the patient was taking 30-35 Oxycontin pills a day.

During the course of the investigation, officials were able to purchase Oxycontin from Reese on four different occasions. Reese never provided an examination and asked for no medical records. All in all, Reese illegaly sold 174.165 grams of Oxycontin, the legal equivalent of 1,166 kilograms of marijuana.

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