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Some usefulness of ativan

Ativan is a lorazepam drug and is sold in the market as a prescription drug. The meaning of a prescription is that this medicine can’t be purchased without the prescription of a register physician. The medicine is employed to treat different conditions of brain. Some most commonly treated conditions of the brain with this medicinal drug are anxiety disorder, nervous tension, anxiety prior to any kind of surgery, anxiety symptoms caused from depression, seizures of severe nature, status epilepticus, etc.

Belongs to benzodiazepines

Ativan belongs to the medicinal group called benzodiazepines. The medicine acts by increasing the effects that are caused by GABA or in expanded form gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA is the name of a chemical of the brain which is naturally calming. GABA i.e. gamma-aminobutyric acid has the capacity to stop or slow down specific nerve signals that are generated from the brain. Due to this, ativan causes a number of effects on the consumers body. Some the effects that are caused due to the intake of ativan are discussed below.

Anxiety reduction

This is the major effect of the drug ativan. It helps those people who have the problem of getting to much excited in event of some tense situation. Sometimes, before a surgery certain people get highly scared. The fear of the surgery causes a great tension or excitement in the patient. This excite increases their blood flow and any cut done during the surgery may cause tons of bleeding. In order to stop the excessive anxiety ativan is given to the patient. Ativan may also be used to reduce anxiety in all other sorts of situations.

Causing sleepiness

Sometimes people with high blood pressure get excessively tensed or excited causing anxiety. In such a situation they require immediate attention so as to calm them down. Ativan brings a sleepy feeling in the consumer and hence, helps them to calm down at such a point. This acts as a great solution against strokes.

Muscle relaxant

Sometimes certain ailments require the muscles of the patient to be relaxed. During anxiety muscles get stretched and cause immense ache. Ativan plays the role of a good muscle relaxant that helps to reduce the ache.


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